This fellow was the result of a college inside joke by some of my roommates. He was scribbled out on a piece of "yellow trash" paper (fodder for all sorts of projects for Design majors at North Carolina State University). From there he developed into a full-fledged cartoon character in a weekly format in the college's paper, The Technician. From there I went on to become the paper's Graphics Editor for a couple of years, mostly during grad school, and a plethora of cartoons and illustrations filtered out through the pages of the paper. The character even made it to the pages of the school's annual, the Agromeck, one year. Editorial cartoons were to follow, some of which will be added below in the days and weeks to come.

Just for the record, this fellow never had a real name. He was not a "bunny," but simply a rabbit, and usually (amazingly!) reflected my own views of the day (jaundiced as they may have been at the time, given my surroundings - campus life, that is), as with the few samples of cartoons and illustrations shown herebelow..

For a far more complete collection of Rabbit cartoons, as well as a lot of other graphic pieces I've created through the years, check out my deviantART site at You can even buy a poster of ALL the individual rabbit cartoons in one place (as shown at right, but much bigger... duh...) go here -


A random sampling of but a few...


10.jpg 99.jpg 101.jpg 102.jpg 103.jpg
104.jpg 105.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg
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19.jpg 98.jpg 20.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg
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79.jpg 8.jpg 92.jpg 81.jpg 82.jpg
83.jpg 84.jpg 85.jpg 86.jpg 87.jpg
88.jpg 89.jpg 9.jpg 90.jpg 91.jpg
94.jpg 77.jpg100.jpg2.jpg





ed1.jpg ed2.jpg ed3.jpg
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edit1.jpg edit2.jpg edit4.jpg
edit5.jpg edit6.jpg ill21.gif
ill2.jpg ill3.jpg ill4.jpg
ill5a.jpg ill6.jpg ill7.jpg
ill8.jpg ill9.jpg illust1.jpg
illust2.jpg illust3.jpg illust4.jpg illust5.jpg